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Monday, June 7, 2010

Exam Week: day 1

It's funny how my exam week started off with a story. A story of bravery. However, the heroine of this story will not be me. 

This morning, i woke up and went downstairs. I look at the wall and say to myself.... why is there a BAT in my house?!??! Turns out, it was a moth, but this thing was HUGE!! Anyone can tell you, i am not afraid of bugs. Giant moths, however, make me upset because they try to fly into your ears and eat your brains. So after eating my breakfast on the other side of the kitchen, i ran up to my room and waited for my mom to get up so she could kill it. but when we got downstairs it was gone. now i'm really paranoid that it's gonna sneak up on me and eat me. 

exams were ok. if i get eaten by a moth today, at least i dont have to take my exams for math, bio, or Spanish.

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