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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation adventures

Oh, family vacations are wonderful things. They can give you the most INTERESTING things to blog about :D haha so let's get started...

The trip up wasn't as interesting as the trip back. The most interesting thing about going down south is as soon as you're out of the good 'ol Ohio, you see the....erm... culture? Not 50 feet out of Ohio you begin to see them. The billboards. they're only 2 kinds. fireworks and "adult entertainment facilities".  The names are rediculous. you would not BELIEVE how rediculous some of the names were. my personal favorite "Southern 'X'-posture" however, my all-time favorite was "Bimbo's fireworks" (Bimbo was a clown haha). 

Other than the billboards, the most interesting thing i saw was a sign on the beach that said "Poking, prodding, and molesting animals are prohibited" it kinda creeped me out because apparently enough people molest animals where they need a sign to prevent it....

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