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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So long, 2010

So its the end of this year. Frankly, i say good riddance. it was fun, but im happy its over. So much has happened...this year i was in love, had my first breakup, fell out of love, lost friends, gained friends, doubted myself a whole lot more, became a whole lot stronger, and decided who i am. if thats not a full year i dunno what is ;)

Now. for my new years resolutions of 2011:

1. Lose the weight i gained freshman and sophomore year (cliche right?)
2. try to stop caring so much about what other people think of me
3. stop trying to find love. it can find me now.
4. less facebook, more textbooks
5. Live life, have fun with friends, most of them are graduating this year anyway

Probably the most important thing on that list is i need to stop trying to find love. What i mean is, no more looking for guys. If a guy wants me, he can come find me, i am DONE with liking people who arent gonna look my way. im putting my love in a better place. Im putting some of it into myself. i havent liked my body in a while, i need to start loving myself in my own skin before i can even think of a relationship. More importantly im going to start pouring my love into someone who really would appreciate it. I just signed up to sponser Tesline, a 7-year-old girl in Ghana whos comunity is affected by AIDS. This little girl deals with a heck of a lot more than i do, and she deserves someone to be there for her. thats my main concern for 2011

Happy new year, stick with those resolutions

peace and love,

rachel <3

Monday, December 27, 2010

something to think about...

HI-LO everybody :) hope everyone had a GREAT christmas and everyone is looking foreward to the new year. I wanted to really say something thats been on my heart, something everyone should take a second and think about. People always talk about the "spirit of christmas", you know, that thing that fills everyones heart and makes them want to give. I believe in that more than anyone, but i believe that spirit and those feelings shouldnt be limited to christmas alone. I think the world would be a better place if people would stop. just stop more. stop and look around, see if they can do anything to make someones day. If every person stopped once a week to go out of their way and do something nice for someone else, and those people payed that kindness foreward, things could change. People dont think that a small thing like paying for someones meal in a drive thru or helping a neighbor rake leaves can do much, but they dont look at how one good thing makes a ripple effect and can do a whole lot of good.

just a thought. try to go out of your way this week. only once or twice, but try it. it may do more for someone than you realize

pay it foreward <3


Monday, December 6, 2010

i swear im going to start posting more!

I swear you never realize how busy you are until you look in a diary (or in this case on your blog) and see that i haven't written since august. Scouts honor i am SO writing more this month and in 2011. So this post i'd like to address the topic of love. and also christmas. be prepared for a rant. GO!

LOVE. think about the word for a minute. It's one of the most beautiful, and yet most painful thing humans can feel. How do you know when you're in love? usually the feelings are a little strange. A happy, warm feeling followed sometimes by a flop sweat and choking on your own tongue. Oh yeah, thats attractive. mmmmhhhmmm love is great to look at.... well it can be as long as both parties feel the same way. You know how you see a couple adn they just look so happy with each other? thats the great kind of couple love people "awwww :) " at. When you see a boy talking to one of his friends and she looks happy but is digging her nails into her arm to keep from shouting "SHUT UP I LOVE YOU" thats the one way love where people go "awww" more in pity. Heres what i think about love and christmastime: People say a lot of relationships can start around valentines day, but i think christmas is the loveliest time of the year. What says "i love you so much" more than a meaningful gift from someone who's been to shy to tell you their feelings? nothing!

This christmas, show someone you love them, dont wait till valentines day, you might lose them!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where in the world did summer go?!

SO. there are only 13 days until school starts. i'm starting to wonder where the time went. and how im supposed to get my summer reading done with 13 days left and a book and a half to read/annotate/respond to. band has already started, we even have some songs memorized?! it's all going way too quick!

I'm also making a scrapbook of all my band stuff (it's starting to accumulate) and trying to find time to hang with friends before school, i'm just a busy girl! i also have to find a way to get my pictures of my jewelry on here. so thats my plans for the next 2 weeks. 

jewelry sales.
hang with friends.

if i'm not doing one of those things i am probably sleeping or eating.

ttfn, ta ta for now

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I ❤ Panera

Today i worked from 9-1:30. And i saw a ton of interesing things/people in that time. Ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment, strange people who come to panera:

1. The grandfather with wacky hair and his grandaughter who was wearing aviator shades and a pink wig

2. Aproximately a dozen men in their 70's who told me i was pretty as i took their orders  (that was cute, but a little uncomfortable)

3.  By far my favorite conversation with a customer (color coded for your reading pleasure)

man: it's really hot outside
me: yes it is, i'm very glad its air conditioned in here
man: It's so hot, the pole dancers are wearing oven mits! isn't that a hoot?!
me: *thinking to myself* i love you, mister

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bored post

Hey ya'll (haha im from ohio)
So i feel like im getting really close to advertising and selling my jewelry. I have pairs  of earrings made and am going to start taking pictures of them soon, i think i may need a few ear models though because i am lacking the piercings. or i may just go without. I start drivers ed tomorrow. im deciding whether or not i anm excited about it....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Something guys should learn

People need to learn how to interact without paying attention to the traditional ways of "how things are done". recently i've seen that some people won't tell other people their feelings because they think it might make things worse or just be plain awkward. I've also noticed that guys do this all the time. BOYS: IF YOU TELL OTHER MEN YOUR FEELINGS, YOU CAN RESOLVE ISSUES. guys never tell other guys if something is bothering them. it's not going to kill you. it's not that hard.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 things i want to do before i'm 30

1. ride in the sidecar of a motorcycle
2. get someone to quit smoking
3. buy a pig for a pet (like a small teacup pig :D)
4. be an elf for a mall santa
5. write something for a newspaper
6. get married 
7. learn italian and go to sicily to see my roots
8. voulunteer at a retirement home
9. invent something usefull
10. pet a lion. or a tiger.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm thinking of using this blog not only as a form of expression, but also to advertise. i'm beginning to think that selling pieces of jewelry i make would be a nice way to get some extra cash, and with being able to put up pictures and descriptions, it sounds like a great idea. also, facebook seems like a good way to get the word out. 

p.s. new readers! try feeding the fish. it's awesome :)

p.p.s. how crazy were the thunderstorms yesterday? apparently all the power went out in hudson. not my house though! guess it's cuz i live so close to stow

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation adventures

Oh, family vacations are wonderful things. They can give you the most INTERESTING things to blog about :D haha so let's get started...

The trip up wasn't as interesting as the trip back. The most interesting thing about going down south is as soon as you're out of the good 'ol Ohio, you see the....erm... culture? Not 50 feet out of Ohio you begin to see them. The billboards. they're only 2 kinds. fireworks and "adult entertainment facilities".  The names are rediculous. you would not BELIEVE how rediculous some of the names were. my personal favorite "Southern 'X'-posture" however, my all-time favorite was "Bimbo's fireworks" (Bimbo was a clown haha). 

Other than the billboards, the most interesting thing i saw was a sign on the beach that said "Poking, prodding, and molesting animals are prohibited" it kinda creeped me out because apparently enough people molest animals where they need a sign to prevent it....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hey everyone :)

i will be on vacation for about a week so i will not be making posts. when i get back i will tell all about the trip and interesting attractions in each state (last year we saw a guy who looked like a chubby elvis in tennesee)

-rachel :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



i am now looking foreward to marching band even more because i found out i have the most awesome squad ever. Myself, Ashely , Emilio, and Joseph. ultimate party squad? i think so :D

and now for things that made me mad today:
  1. MIDDLE SCHOOLERS. they all walk downtown  on the last day. they walk around in little herds. REALLY?!?!? IT'S RAINING! GO INSIDE!
  2.  apparently we're not going to disney world *sad face*
ulitmate win of the day?
  • Free pie at bakers square
  • best squad ever

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

welcome to the last day of sophmore year

So today i was riding my bike, minding my own business, with mary kate. We get to the first stoplight and stop. The light turns green. she goes. i fall over and scrape my shoulder, elbow, and hand. WHY?! Here's the kicker....my bike petal fell off. so after recruiting mary kate's brother and a wrench, we were ready for take 2. And we rode to dairy queen and had a lovely time.

Favorite things for you to look at:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNOG3XIX4Xg<
  • http://www.facebook.com/bananaraptor?ref=ts
  • http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=309455101346&ref=ts
  • www.lamebook.com
  • www.explosm.net
For all of you with one day left, good luck on exams!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Exam Week: day 1

It's funny how my exam week started off with a story. A story of bravery. However, the heroine of this story will not be me. 

This morning, i woke up and went downstairs. I look at the wall and say to myself.... why is there a BAT in my house?!??! Turns out, it was a moth, but this thing was HUGE!! Anyone can tell you, i am not afraid of bugs. Giant moths, however, make me upset because they try to fly into your ears and eat your brains. So after eating my breakfast on the other side of the kitchen, i ran up to my room and waited for my mom to get up so she could kill it. but when we got downstairs it was gone. now i'm really paranoid that it's gonna sneak up on me and eat me. 

exams were ok. if i get eaten by a moth today, at least i dont have to take my exams for math, bio, or Spanish.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hello All

rachel here, welcome to my new blog! haha i've been wanting one for a while so i figured "why not, a great way to start the summer". In case you're wondering, the name of this blog is RAWR thanks to my little helpful elf ANDREW and his idea to call it: Rachel's Awesome Wholesome Rantings. so thank you buddy :D Hope everyone is excited to see where this blog goes :) haha with me it can get some pretty random stuff. to all my fellow highschoolers, Good luck on exams! Now go study! :)

That's all for tonight,