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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I ❤ Panera

Today i worked from 9-1:30. And i saw a ton of interesing things/people in that time. Ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment, strange people who come to panera:

1. The grandfather with wacky hair and his grandaughter who was wearing aviator shades and a pink wig

2. Aproximately a dozen men in their 70's who told me i was pretty as i took their orders  (that was cute, but a little uncomfortable)

3.  By far my favorite conversation with a customer (color coded for your reading pleasure)

man: it's really hot outside
me: yes it is, i'm very glad its air conditioned in here
man: It's so hot, the pole dancers are wearing oven mits! isn't that a hoot?!
me: *thinking to myself* i love you, mister

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