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Sunday, March 6, 2011

WHAT UP 2011!!!!

Hey Ya'll :) hoping everyones year so far is as perfect as they've imagined. Get ready to be surprised, my new years resolutions are not dead yet! i know right? For those of you still going strong, keep up the good work!

I am SUPER PUMPED! i found out that the YAS summerstage is going to be CINDERELLA. I am so excited i've officially decided to go into Princess Boot Camp. Consisting of, but not limiting to the following:

1) continuing P90X until i lose weight or just implode from exhaustion
2) think more of others and less of myself
3) watch all the disney princess movies (including mulan and pocahontis, even though they arent technically princesses)
4) work on my range for my audition
5) work hard at my job to get enough money to pay for the whole thing myself

I am so pumped to do all of these things :) also i've decided to end this post with a segment i call: RACHELS FAVORITE THINGS


Here's a facial for all you ladies who want to feel awesome but are on a budget (includes myself):
  • mix a few table spoons of sugar with some vanilla extract
  • add a tiny bit of water (it should be thick and not soupy)
  • spread on your face and let dry for a bit (dont freak out, it'll feel strange...also it tastes pretty good :D)
  • wipe off after about 5 minutes with a warm washcloth
2) http://www.najle.com/idaft/idaft/ is an awesome website that i was shown and it made my day. try it :D


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